as i promised from last post, gonna post some photos i aint able to post last month, iv'e been taking pictures of my random small figures last month, it feels weird and great at the same time that im not focusing with my figmas and nendoroids, well, i still love them but this old figures needs love too!! anyway, heres a gachapon fujiko from lupin III, i found her in my small box full of random and old stuffs :">

anyway sorry for some blurry photos!!

"UWAH! seems like fujiko is up to some crime"

"uwah!! fujiko is soo sexy ♥"

"Pant shot and look at those big boobies!! ( -ಠ-)"

"I love how detailed this gachapon figure is!!"

"for some reason i find her gun weird, it's bent lol"

"fujiko: ENEMY SPOTTED!! <>!!"

"last but not the least, my fav. shot, fujiko is back at her hold position!!"

pfft.!! that's all for this post, anyway, you might noticed that im using a weird watermark right now, yeah, i will use that for the time being rather than a simple text!!

Sexy Battling Full View

just did a little photo session with hajimete shuukan no miku (again? OAO).. i can't help but play with her once in a while haha, i promise to take photo's of my other figures next time! i think HSM madness should stop now!
anyway! for now please enjoy the photos! :D

uwahh! miku! stop running and take that box off of you!

yeah! miku look's cuter without the box right?!

it seems like miku got tired after running around and singing! think it's time to cool down ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

woah! miku dropped her ice cream ಥ_ಥ

my favorite miku pose! (taking off skirt pose)

lol.. wonder why chiaki always watch miku's photo session :D

phew! that's all for this day's session! looks like miku is going back inside the box ¯(°_o)/¯

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Today we have a cute girl to be reviewed which is from a very popular eroge game named "Se.kirara"
Se.kirara is the debut eroge created by studio Max Factory, and it was originally released in March 2010 as a free download via the Nico Nico Douga website. Here's the official opening video for the game:

In the game there's 5 heroines which you can choose who you want to end with and one of them is "Kawamura Yu". Yu is a girl with short pink hair, green eyes and i believed she have two siblings, one girl and one boy! here's yu's original illustration:

official illustration
Pfft.. no one can deny how cute yu is, she's very appealing for me! anyway, now that we have enough knowledge about yu and the game which she originated from! let's move on to the figure review and see what she got!

Here we Have Yu's figma box and of course the figure itself inside! sad to say that the box is damaged by the delivery! but other than box damage, she is fine! The box is a normal one which is same with other figmas, but this time, the design for the box is all blue sky with clouds and leaves on the side of the box window while the figma text and other details is all in pink!

here is the back of the box, what you can see is a collage of figma yu pictures in her default pose and some of the other pose you create when playing with her!

And here we see the top of the box with a very large text of "Figma" and a picture of yu at the right side and her number which is no.75 on the bottom left side! now, let's move on to the figure itself!

yay! figma yu out of the box! very cute and nice details! i dont have problems with her! the paintjob and sculpt is very smooth up to the tiniest details! i love the soft colors used in her specially the pastel pink color of the hair!

side view
rear view
and that's how she look at the side and back!  all is fine, no paint chips or sculpt problems, she is very lovely in all perspective! i think my only problem with her is sometime when posing her her the joint which connects her body to torse disconnect which causes her to fall off, it's a little loose!

Yu have a normal articulation just like the other figmas, she also have a articulation in her body which lets you rotate her body 360 degrees starting from the bottom of her torso. Now let's move to her accessories!

She comes with a plenty of accessories which is mainly for cooking etc.! she comes with three faceplate, first is her default smiling face, second is her worried face and last is a happy face which is my favorite! she also comes with an apron with a matching hand gloves which you can let her wear, a frying pan and a pot, three kitchen knifes with a chopping board, a hand holding chopsticks, and two more tools for cooking!

with happy faceplate
with the worried/shocked faceplate
wearing her apron and hand gloves
using her pair of chopsticks!
holding the pot and the ladle
holding the frying pan and spatula!
the chopping board
and lastly the knives!!
overall! i must say that figma yu is very nice! as a figma collector, I recommend everyone who still dont have her to buy one now! as she is still available in some shops! Like i said before, the paintjob and sculpt is very nice! as well as the articulation she have is so smooth and nice! she also comes with a lot of accessories which is uncommon to most of figures! if you want more cute girl to be added in your collection get her! besides, she is released in a very fair price which i'm sure you can afford! and so, THATS IT! that's figma no.74 yu kawamura for you, i hope you like and enjoyed the review! thanks for reading! >//o//<) 

Review: figma no.75 "Kawamura Yu" Full View

Old Photo's.. It's the day when i decided to take ink-chan for a walk, Enjoy the pictures!!

"Arrived at the Destination!"

"Ink-chan calms and sit down for a while!"

"Ink-chan is so tired to go home right now!, So we decided to take a rest for the moment after coming out of the forest >.<"

A Day Out with Ink Full View


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